When hit on the screws, it was as long as anything that I hit. Do you think I should trade it in and top up some cash for the Ping G15 or its not a major difference? It just feels good. On all shots within a dime of the sweet spot, the ball lost less than 10 yards of distance and exhibited minimal curve. The work-ability that you like is like kryptonite for me. Golf Pride new Decade Grip.

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Strongly recommend getting fitted. Conclusion The G15 performed as advertised. The sound and feel were great. I got out onto some empty holes on my home course last night after hitting balls on the range. If you swing over the top you can count cal,away an out of control hook. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

I still hold to you will never find a more forgiving head than a Cobra driver. Generally though it is a right push and gets me into trees and other hassles which take strokes off my score. The golden rule though.

PING G15 Driver Review

Skip to main content. Callaway Ft Tour 9. Mishits really punished me though. On all shots hit high or low on the clubface, there was a slight trajectory change which resulted in minimal distance loss.

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I always loved the feel and sound of this club and the combination of the triangle head, alignment aid and shorter shaft really gave me confidence vx address. On all shots within a dime of the sweet spot, the ball lost less than 10 yards of distance and exhibited minimal curve. Item has been heavily used and shows signs of abuse. If PINGs designs have always caused you to shy away, perhaps now is the time for you to take another look. They are much easier to ftt-iz and are easy to make light if you prefer a lighter driver.

It also features Hyperbolic Face Technology that through the shaping of the face, creates the highest ball speeds possible across the entire face. Got hooked caklaway to a launch monitor after he round hit 30 balls with each driver and here were the results. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

I pulled out a couple of my old drivers and here is what I found. I achieve those numbers with my I think the verdict is still out for me on it. I also dropped from a Thoughts on the newer gear: The Adams F12 was my favorite of the new stuff, despite callawau weird, Starship Enterprise looks.

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I settled on the Serrano because it is a lower-spinning and launching shaft as opposed to the TCF. Cally has decided that you can just change the color of plastic inserts, add a new name, and it will sell.

Callaway ft Tour Driver | eBay

Its Polar Weighting system uses a heavy face and an in-line pow High on the face produces high shots, but still long and straight. One more thought, your comment on the sound at impact was what Pinh experienced as well. For me, newer isn’t better. Thanks for all who participated! The G15 cured all that. I’d stock up on something like that for cheap.

It reminds me of a whip cracking.